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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Per requirements of AS9100D Section 7.4.2 g), h), and i).

Complex Fabricators, Inc. is a Registered Company to the Aerospace AS9100D Standard. The suppliers and service providers we contract with must follow the Terms and Conditions listed below, in order to do business with us in supplying raw materials or providing us services we may request.

For clarification purposes in this document, when we say "Supplier", we mean the Company or entity we contract with, via a formal Purchase Order, to provide the raw materials, components or services we need.

Materials include metals, plastics, components, fasteners etc. necessary for our company to create the parts and assemblies required by our customers. Other services required such as Heat Treating, Plating, Passivation, Machining Processes, Laser Cutting, Non-Destructive Testing etc. are also included.

  1. The supplier must notify Complex Fabricators, Inc. of nonconforming product or service.
  2. In the event of nonconforming product or service, the supplier must obtain approval for nonconforming product dispositions from authorized Complex Fabricators, Inc. personnel.
  3. The supplier shall notify Complex Fabricators, Inc. of changes in product and or process, changes of sub suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and where required by us, obtain Complex Fabricators, Inc. approval for the changes prior to making them.
  4. The supplier of items or provider of services ordered by Complex Fabricators, Inc. must flow down to their involved supply chain the applicable requirements of Complex Fabricators, Inc. and our customer's requirements as explained on the Purchase Order if applicable.
  5. The supplier must also agree to keep, retain and maintain records that are legible, readily identifiable and completely retrievable for a minimum of ten (10) years for the materials and or services we request. Specific instructions will be given on Complex Fabricators Purchase Order to the supplier if the time duration has been increased by our customer of more than ten (10) years.
  6. The supplier must give right of access by Complex Fabricators, Inc., our customer, and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order. This right of access shall also apply to all applicable seller/supplier records for the product or services provided per condition 5 above if applicable.
  7. Suppliers will have a process to ensure that no counterfeit material/parts are supplied to Complex Fabricators.
  8. Materials supplied to Complex Fabricators must be free of foreign objects and debris "FOD".
  9. Complex Fabricators operates on the highest ethical standards and expects the same from its suppliers.